Common Myths of Hospice Care

1. Family and loved ones are not kept from participating in caring for the Hospice patients. We encourage the family to be part of the team and plan of care.

2. Hospice is not the last resort: when medical treatments can no longer cure a disease Hospice professionals can do many things to control pain, reduce anxiety, offer spiritual and emotional counseling from all faiths or no faith, and improve quality of life for terminally ill people and their families.

3. Hospice is not a place:
Hospice Care is provided wherever the patient calls home including inpatient care facilities.

4. Hospice Care is not expensive:
Hospice is usually less than conventional care during the last six months of life. Hospice is an all-inclusive benefit covered by Medicare, Medicaid, medical, and most private insurance. Under Medicare, there are no co-pays for physician visits, nursing care, medications, hospital equipment, or supplies related to the pts primary diagnosis.

5. Families are not included in the Hospice patient’s care: We believe family members including children experience the dying process in a caring environment, it helps to counteract the fear of their own mortality and the loss of their loved one.

6.Hospice is not giving up
It’s about living in comfort and Dignity for the time one has left and sometimes patients even get better and are taken off of Hospice. Hospice does not make death come sooner: the goal of Hospice is neither to prolong life nor hasten death but to make the quality of possible life the best it can be in their final year, month, week, and days. Hospice doesn’t hasten death, but there have been studies showing that some pts live longer when receiving Hospice services.

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